The “La Cuisine Française” group and its partners regularly offer jobs; if you are interested in working for us, you may send us an email to with details of what kind of work you are interested in and the location that you are capable of working in. We can also inform you of any available posts and offices in different areas looking for employees.

In Store (France, Belgique, Luxembourg, Suisse)

  • Interior architect, decorator, salesperson
  • Store manager
  • Sales assistant
  • Designer
  • Work coordinator
  • Furniture installer
  • Stove installer/specialist
  • Any other jobs related to sale, architecture or work management

Office work (Pays de la Loire region)

  • Communications manager, in charge of clientele in France and abroad.
  • Engineer and technician of the research department
  • Sculptor, woodworker, carpenter, joiner
  • Production operator on computer aided machinery
  • Sales administrator, technical sales engineer

Interested in becoming a partner ?

If you are a confirmed professional of our trade who is interested in becoming a partner of “La Cuisine Française” to benefit from a contracted distribution of goods in your geographical area or control of a pre-existing or new store in France or abroad then we invite you to address our coordinators at !