Discover our history, our ethics and our expertise

Discover our history, our ethics and our expertise


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banniere Christophe Cousin, founder of “La Cuisine Francaise”


There is no such thing as perfection, only optimisation

My Grandfather Albert reminded me frequently of his famous insight, in his workshop in our little village in Mayenne, I read through his sketchbooks and rediscovered his designs which had been corrected to and polished to a near-perfect extent..

His love for a job well done was unequalled – he demanded a lot from his own work. My grandfather’s values had been inherited from his father, Albert-Pierre, from his grandfather Jacques Cousin and his great uncles, all of his influences were wheelwrights, carpenters and woodworkers since 1821. Then, with my father Michel and our first woodworker colleagues who joined our family in its ambitions, we have always put our colleagues’ requirements in front of our own.

Humility, pragmatism, curiosity, passion for work, quality control – all of these criteria have been much more than just ideals to me ever since my childhood, they have been objectives that have driven my family and myself to deep links, often long-lasting friendships with our colleagues and clients…



Only the best materials

The majority of our kitchen furniture is made from plywood which has been strengthened with different layers to guarantee stability as well as keeping the weight down, it also makes the furniture very water-resistant and able to support a heavy load – because the kitchen can be the most demanding room in a house, it is submitted to humidity, heat, fluids, air circulating around the room and daily usage, all of which require the highest standard of materials to provide furniture which is best suited for the type of work that it will be subjected to and which will ensure that the furniture remains durable and functional for as long as possible.

Not risking the future of the next generation

Since a long time ago, we have had to pay attention to where we source our materials: we make sure that all of our wood is from sustainable forests so that we do not damage the lives of future generations; all of our wooden leftovers are recycled in a heating system which ensures that we create energy from our waste whilst keeping work conditions comfortable for our colleagues.

No compromise on research and design

In every corner of the planet, we keep an eye out for new trends, we anticipate the needs of our customers; we customise our designs to best fit our customers’ needs so that it suits the room they have, the needs they have for the kitchen, the style and colours that will best suit the customer’s tastes – classical or contemporary.

No compromise on valuing people

Modesty, humanism, mutual aid – my family has always preserved these values with its colleagues. Often the children and grandchildren of our colleagues have joined us after having received from their own parents an understanding of their expertise and demand for perfection.

For six generations, my family have designed, made and installed luxury furniture for the most exigent of customers, at times creating the most original of designs. For two centuries, we’ve learned to predict the evolution of needs of our clientele, by listening, analysing their lifestyle and making sure that all of their requirements are met. We have always strived to infuse our collections with a breeze of novelty as well as refinement of the French way of life drawn from regional tradition as in the history of art.

Our exclusive creations, made in our own French workshops, are now distributed by our network of stores by the best multi brand installers, architects and decorators in Europe and Russia.