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The genesis
of La Cuisine Française

Since 1821, the carpenters and cabinet makers of the Cousin family have been working in the workshops of Pré-en-Pail to create very high quality custom-made kitchen furniture for the most demanding and sometimes the most original customers.

Savoir faire de La Cuisine Française
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Porte placard cuisine - by La Cuisine Française
Modele de cuisine Evolution - La Cuisine Française

Christophe Cousin named the family workshops La Cuisine Française in 1998.

Since 2022, Laurent de Bray has presided over the destiny of this company, which has been awarded the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label in recognition of the excellence of its know-how.

For nearly two centuries, the Compagnons de la Cuisine Française have been designing and manufacturing exceptional furniture, anticipating the changing needs of their customers by listening to them, analysing their lifestyles and meeting their requirements.

The furniture of La Cuisine Française conveys the refinement of French savoir-vivre, drawn from regional traditions and art history, in France and around the world.

Matériaux de qualité chez La Cuisine Française

of materials


No compromise

on materials

Most of our kitchen furniture is manufactured on multi-ply or triple-ply carcasses, guaranteeing stability and lightness, resistance to humidity, increased load capacity; because the kitchen is technically the most demanding room in the house: humidity, heat, fluids, pulsating or aspirated air, daily work areas, which make this room where the quality of the materials, from the furniture to the worktops, is the most important to guarantee long-lasting functionality.


No compromise

ourchildren’s future

For many years, as pioneers in this field, we have been concerned with producing in a balanced way: all our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, with respect for future generations; all our wood residues are recycled in a heating system which, combined with the outstanding thermal insulation of our workshops, guarantees us almost complete autonomy in terms of energy, with a constant temperature and hygrometry in our workshops, thus favouring the stability of the solid wood and the working comfort of our craftsmen.

Développement durable chez La Cuisine Française


Recherche et création - La Cuisine Française

and anticipation


No compromise

on Research and Creation

In the four corners of the world, we look for trends, we anticipate the needs of our customers; from these notebooks, we draw up sketches for forms, functions, style, and colours that will match the most refined, classic or contemporary interiors.


No compromise

on human

Humility, humanism, mutual aid, we know how to preserve these values with the Companion craftsmen, whose children and sometimes grandchildren have joined our House after having received their know-how and their demand for perfection from their own fathers.

Savoir faire de La Cuisine Française

and requirement

An exclusive distribution

Our exclusive creations, made in our French workshops, are distributed to the best kitchen designers and to architects and decorators all over the world.

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